Business-Wide Suite is the first truly Web-based Unified Communication solution, facilitating rich business communication and collaboration with internal and external associates, across the open network (Public Internet) and over multiple devices.

By enabling such a device-, network- and territorial-independency, Business-Wide Suite is an ideal complement and value-add to existing, much more restrictive, business communication resources and accounts.

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By following global standards and widely accepted Web Service and Telecom protocols, Business-Wide Suite achieves universal compatibility and inter-operability. Technology consists of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based Soft-Switch; FLASH based Media Server; unique FLASH2SIP converter, XMPP Instant Messaging and JS/AJAX, as well as FLASH-based, client side interfaces.



Easy to implement, either as a service (hosted model) or as a local appliance - which can be hosted on a customer's location. Business Wide Suite is as "cloud" as communication can ever become, fully appreciating the need for flexibility and integration of communication with business applications and processes.

Core functionalities include:

  • Web Phone (connected to corporate Telephony)
  • Contact List (linked to CRM & Active Directory)
  • Instant Messaging (inter-operating with global IM)
  • On-net Video-phone
  • Tele & Video Conference
  • Webcast
  • Group Chat and Group Message
  • Online File Sharing
  • Business Exchange e-WALL
  • Real-time Collaboration Tools
  • Call Management Settings
  • Virtual Organization ( internal/external users, adhoc groups & event )

Other Features include:

  • SIP-based telephony
  • XMPP based Messaging
  • FLASH based Media
  • Easy Integration
  • Pass-through and SSO authentication
  • Web service architecture
  • SIP Trunking
  • Well documented API

BWS Provides Customers with the following benefits:

Worldwide Business Connected

  • Remote, "nomadic" use of corporate telephony: anywhere at any time
  • World becomes your office: actively participate in daily business exchange from any location around the Globe, as long as Internet is available

Rich Communication Experience

  • Wide scope of communication options, including media messaging (text, voice, video) voice and video conference, desktop and file exchange

Easy to Involve External People

  • By simply clicking on a link, delivered by email or through an instant message, external people can participate in any communication session
  • Possibility to open guest- and External-user-accounts, easy to set and connect to related employees


  • Acts as "Session Border Controller" for Public Internet: manages open network users, while securely connects to corporate networks and servers
  • Corporate Firewall friendly: doesn't require opening any special port, while still delivering all the communication and data

AnoxTech sells BWS both as stand-alone application and as value-add to and integrated with 3rd party's Unified Communication Solution. Such integration is done with NEC Unified Solutions products (such as SIP@NET and BCT) and during 2011 it is predicted to integrate Business-Wide Suite with Broadsoft, Lotus LIVE, SAP B1 and Google Apps.