Unified Cloud Communication and Collaboration

Business-Wide Suite:
All-in-one UCC Solution

Business-Wide Suite is the first generic Web-based UCC (Unified Communication and Collaboration) platform, capable of facilitating feature-rich business cooperation, online/ecommerce engagement and business/social networking with people inside and outside a Company - and all of that over any private and public networks and across multiple devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

Easy to implement and integrate with any SIP softswitch or PBX, Business-Wide Suite is an ideal complement and value-add to various voice services. Among major global players, NEC Unified was the first who recognize the value of this technology as add on to its own products and services.

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AnoxTech's technology is carefully architected to comply with the most recent and advanced new standards for Telecom and Internet services, namely with SIP, IMS and Web Service standards.

Our platform contains multiple service backend with application servers on top of a middleware which enables user and access management, service provisioning and integration.

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