Unified Cloud Communication and Collaboration


ANOXTECH is a Netherlands-based Software Company, with 10 years of experience and after substancial investment in developing technology, suitable for Internet-based communication, collaboration and social/business networking.

This technology (components, libraries, modules, applications, frameworks…) is used for configuring business-critical solutions, for incubating products and services and for adding value to existing 3rd parties products.

Core technologies:

  • SIP-based SOFT-SWITCH, enabling distributed, multi-tenant and multi-location IP CENTREX/Hosted PBX, as well as Conferencing, IVR, Callback, Carrier Select, Least Cost Routing etc.
  • FLASH MEDIA SERVER, with FLASH2SIP conversion, enabling Web-based unified communication, including Web-Video-phone, Video Conferencing, Webcast etc.
  • INSTANT MESSAGING platform, combining XMPP, SIP and proprietary IM protocols.
  • OSS/BSS (Operation and Business Support Servers) based on IAM (Identity and Access Management) and a WEB MIDDLEWARE, facilitating hierarchic user and access management, service packaging, provisioning, administering and billing.

What makes us different from the others

Besides technology, ANOXTECH invested into a first-class infrastructure (a large server-farm on a top-professional collocation) from where software is delivered in a hosted mode, truly as a Web service. Operations are supported by a set of advanced QoS (Quality of Service) solutions, including logging; monitoring and packets-exchange analytics, as well as error-prevention and network-related service optimization.

Major markets and channels:

  • Existing voice-technology vendors or voice-service providers/distributors
  • ISPs, ASPs/SaaS providers
  • Enterprise Applications vendors and resellers
  • Global Portals
  • Specialized Communities
  • Enterprise Portal Manufacturers