Unified Cloud Communication and Collaboration


BWS is a suite of applications that fully facilitate all business communication and collaboration needs, enabling higher level of business continuity and efficiency.

Individuals Groups
Internal Yes Yes
External Yes Yes

By enabling one-stop-shopping, integrated provisioning, and centralized access as well as compatibility with global standards, protocols and business applications, BWS is ideal for SME customers.

Communication with Individuals

Instant Messaging/Chat CONTINUAL EXCHANGE WITH COLLEGUES & 3rd PARTIES - FASTER THEN EMAIL, LESS DISRUPTIVE THEN PHONE(the most effortless method of achieving business continuity)
Web-phone CALL AND RECEIVE CALLS OVER PC FROM COLLEGUES, CUSTOMERS & OTHER BUSINESS AND PRIVATE CONTACTS (efficient remote participation in corporate telephony)
Video-call TRULLY, SEE WHAT YOUR COLLEGUES MEAN… (combine “body language” with meanings of sentences for a more accurate business exchange)
Online Repository FAST AND EASY CONTENT MANAGEMENT & FILE EXHANGE. (facilitates data-exchange before, during and after communication)

Communication with Groups

Group Chat FAST AD-HOC EXCHANGE WITH A BUSINESS WORK-GROUP, INCLUDING CUSTOMERS OR OTHER EXTERNAL PARTIES (easy way to enhance business efficiency and manage expectations)
Teleconference A PRIVATE CONFERENCE ROOM FOR EACH EMPLOYEE, (without charges per minute and with possibilities to either schedule a conference or use the room ad-hoc with internal & external people)
Video Conference AD-HOC OR SCHEDULED, RICH AND VISUAL, REMOTE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION WITH COLLEGUES (can reduce the need for traveling to participate in internal meetings)
Webcast ENABLES TO PREPARE, SCHEDULE AND RUN ONLINE EVENTS (remote training, symposiums, presentations, support, direct sales…)
Collaborative Accessories FACILITATE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION WITH FULLY CONTROLED AND MODERATED CONTENT EXCHANGE (can be used with all group formats: Chat/Conference/Webcast)

Sample User No.1: AN EXECUTIVE

What does he do?

  • He is constantly in meetings…
  • Constantly travels…
  • He is involved as investor, shareholder or a manager with many companies worldwide
  • He teaches at University
  • And his children live and study abroad

How does he use Business-Wide Suite?

  • Instant messenger in between meetings, to send instructional messages to his core team and receives follow ups
  • Teleconference constantly, often when he is in the car
  • Video conference in the evening or early in the morning when he instructs his team (or calls his son who studies in the USA)
  • Webcast, for remote workshops with his students
  • Video Recorder, to record thoughts and ideas, during his short breaks, not to forget to think further about them later…
  • Single Sign On, for checking fast various Web accounts (since he really doesn’t have time for multiple log-ins…)


What does she do?

  • Manages major customers
  • Coordinates delivery with suppliers
  • Participates in concept development, with designers and creative directors

How does she use Business-Wide Suite?

  • Group Chat on the daily basis, to manage expectations and follow up planning
  • Teleconference at least once a week with each major customer.
  • Video conference - she participates in video conferences scheduled by her father when he is abroad
  • NetDrive she uploads and shares with others in her Company, customer related files: orders, LOI and contracts
  • Media Player, to watch 3D animations produced for her clients

Sample User No.3: A CONSULTANT

What does he do?

  • IT Consultant for financial services, warehousing, electronic medical records system implementations
  • Often works at customer’s offices
  • Coordinates project teams as interim manager
  • Staff training, system deployments, troubleshooting…
  • Actively involved in training new consultants, often after working time and remotely from home.

How does he use Business-Wide Suite?

  • Teleconference & Video Conference for remote participation in internal meetings.
  • Webcast, for training customer’s staff at remote locations as well as new consultants (after working hours).
  • Share-Screen for troubleshooting and directly guiding clients
  • Soft-phone, especially when he is abroad, both for dialling contacts from corporate directory and for calling his family
  • Instant Messenger, whenever he needs advises from his colleagues, or a fast access to their documents and files

Sample User No.4: AN IT EMPLOYEE

What does he do?

  • Develops VoIP applications together with other software developers in Amsterdam and Belgrade
  • Leads technical team that manages infrastructure
  • Participates in training support and operation staff in the Netherlands and the UK
  • Regularly works from remote locations (often international)
  • Keeps contact with colleagues from all over the World

How does he use Business-Wide Suite?

  • Instant messenger constantly, both as “activity coordination and monitoring” tool with his team, but also to communicate with his friends and collegues
  • Teleconference whenever an implementation is discussed with customers and support team.
  • Video conference every day around 10am with his dev. team
  • Soft-phone is his only device for incoming and outgoing calls to and from his corporate telephony extension.

Sample User No.5: A HOME-WORKER

What does she do?

  • Copyrighting for Websites & promo material
  • Mostly works from home
  • Translates from and to French, Dutch & English
  • Couple of months a year works from her summer-house in France
  • Cooperates with internal PR and Marketing people, as well as other free-lancers involved in the projects

How does she use Business-Wide Suite?

  • Participates regularly in Group Chat , Teleconference and Video Conference brainstorm and follow up sessions.
  • Receives comments and suggestions from her marketing director, in the form of Video Annotations, hyperlinked in text.
  • Uses Soft-phone, whenever she has to dial someone from the company she works for.
  • Chat with other participants in the project, whenever she needs to check something or ask for a suggestion.