Unified Cloud Communication and Collaboration


BWS is positioned as add-on to 3rd party voice services, preferably hosted PBX/IP CENTREX services. As such it needs to be integrated with platforms of voice service providers. We made this integration easy and efficient and it consists primarily of the following elements:

  • Server instalation
  • SIP registration
  • User-related integration
  • IP CENTREX functionalities
  • Teleconference
  • Call and voicemail logs
  • Themes and skin-customization

Server Instalation

BWS is fully modular product that can be hosted both on a single server (as a “blackbox”) and on a set of horizontally scalable and hot-plugable Application Servers, dependent on a volume and partner’s prefference. We provide our partners with easy installable server-image as well as with full techical support during the installation process. There is a set of monitoring and notification services that help customer host the server efficiently. Within the packadge, we provide: our FLASH server, FLASH2SIP Server, IM Server, Conference Server, Media Server, Midleware with User management and ADMIN. There is a clear set of instructions about ports and protocols, as well as other requirements, helping partners to configure servers within their own network and backend.

SIP Registration

All end-client applications (Browsers, Smart Mobile and Tablet Apps) which operate as remote telephony devices, do not register directly in the SIP Registrar of our customers. To the contrary, there is a single, trusted connection between customer’s Switch (SIP Registrar/Proxy) and our FLASH2SIP server, with our end-client applications registering through our FLASH2SIP Server (in poass-through authentication mode). This means that our FLASH2SIP operates as a specific “session border controler” for our own client-side applications and browser interfaces.

User-related integration

BWS Server has plug-in system that enable integration with 3rd party Backend and Middleware, including pass through authentication, user-management system, definition of roster and presence information, Call and Voicemail logs (etc). We can provide API and methods for this integration and we are flexible and can adapt our protocols to specific client wishes.

IP CENTREX Functionalities

By using advanced SIP stack, we can support IP CENTREX functionalities, including Blinde and Attended Transfer, HOLD, 3-way Call, multi-line handling, DTMF etc. If partner’s SIP stack properly handles these functionalities, integration is simply a matter of testing. If not, we can adapt our SIP messages (as we already had to do in case of integration with old, early-days SIP-enabled PBXs).


We use ASTERISK for Teleconference platform with full control from our client-side interfaces. If our partner doesn’t have Teleconference on their own Switch, they can use our Teleconference platoform, whereby integration effort consists in finding a way to route single dial in number from hosted platform to our Teleconference server.

Call and Voicemail Logs

We can show in BWS lists of calls as well as voicemails, which we get from our partner’s Switch by means of the same plug-ins as used for user-related integration.

Themes and Skin Customization

BWS Web client is fully skin-custoimizable simply by changing CSS for the interfaces. It is also theme-configurable, which includes flexible packaging of chosen applications from the overall set of availab le options. Mobile clients will be upgraded in near future to enable configurable skin download.