Unified Cloud Communication and Collaboration


Our value proposition consists in offering BWS as add-on to hosted and on-premise voice services and in this context we are looking for channel partners among hosted voice providers, operators and PBX vendors.

Our business model is based on licensing and supporting our BWS platform, letting our channel partners run the services while we focus our key resources and activities on our development roadmap keeping competitive advantages and creating new functionalities and value adds.

If you are Voice, Network or Application Service provider and if you would like to enlarge the scope of services to your customers, BWS is an ideal choice, since it fits well and can be combined with existing Telecom services/infrastructure as well as existing Websites and online applications.

By offering BWS to your customers you propose them:

To increase their productivity and make their communication business-relevant while cost-effective

  • That’s why we call this product “Business-Wide Suite”. It is a Suite of Applications that supports you throughout your business: if you want to meet face-to-face with anyone in your company, you can do it through BWS; if you want to consult whole department about a business decision – you can do it by choosing one of several BWS conference formats. If you want to engage with your partner or customer, you can give him a free BWS guest-account or simply invite him for a BWS session; if you need to jointly work on a document or discuss a topic in details, BWS offers you all neccessary online facilities. You can coordinate and share schedules, click to dial anyone from your private or corporate contact directory – simply you can use BWS in any moment and for any business need you want to efficiently facilitate.
  • By using BWS, the costs of your business decreases, since IP communication would replace a big part of telephone costs, reduce your need for traveling, make usage of your valuable time much more rational, reduce a chance of misunderstandings that might cost you time or money at the end.
  • And on top of everything, you will feal better by having rich communication experience that you can set and manage in accordance with your own personal and professional prefferences. Including the choice of devices: PC, Tablet, Mobile phones which effectively enable you to be fully professionally engages, if you choose so, at any moment and at any territory.

To increase their Online Engagement: Web promotion, Online Sales and Support.

  • BWS enables users to insert communication widgets/communciation links into Web pages or banners, to send them as messages on Global IM Portals, to insert them, into posts and twits on any Social Network, place them behind contact buttons in email footers or even hyperlink them in any document or presentation.
  • By clicking on these communciation links, online users (existing or potencial customers) can access connected web-based communication formats, as, for example: direct chat, voice and video session with a support or sales agent; webinar or a training session; online conference or simply a topic-based discussion forum.
  • Any BWS user can operating also as a sales or support “agent”, by accessing his personal or collectively shared queue of tickets (communciation requests) and by actively engaguing in the communication with customers/visitors.

To integrate their resources

  • Since BWS can connect not only with their Hosted Voice or PBX facilities, but also with their Active Directories, CRM or ERP; their Websites, Intranets, Extranets or Enterprise Portals; their 3rd party’s online applications (such as Google or Microsoft apps); as well as with their Social Network or Instant Messenger activities.
  • It means that BWS can be used both as a set of additional services to existing services, as well as integration framework for multiple online services and resources.

BWS is especially adequate for SME market segment since it offers to smaller Companies “one stop shopping”, of all unified communication and collaboration features, without requiring additional integration and customization of multiplicity of specialized applications and functionalities purchased from several vendors . By using BWS, small and medium Companies can start communicating and collaborating, both internally and externally, as good as only large Enterpricess could afford untill now, without having to increase their IT resources, hire external consultants and integrators and get involved in lenghty and costly projects.