ip telephony


Integrated, Unified and Cost-Friendly business telephony across networks and territories.

Business telephony, with all necessary group features, delivered in hosted mode (IP CENTREX - directly connecting IP devices to Central Switch) or semi-hosted mode (connecting IP devices or existing PBX to InterTalk Switch over a local InterTalk box, which regulates PSTN failover and business continuity)

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based voice technology, enabling full compatibility global with telecom trends.

ip telephony

Hosted IP Telephony makes use of your existing broadband connection to make and receive telephone calls, while delivering advanced telephony functionality. The Hosted IP Telephony service is dimensioned to provide very a high grade of service, equivalent to high quality traditional PSTN lines.

ip telephony

This is achieved by using a highly resilient architecture with high levels of redundancy built into both hardware and software components. ANOXTECH provides basic on-net calls, DDI numbers, break-in & break-out, features, non-geographic numbers and roaming usage.

We have an open VoIP using SIP enabled devices that can even be configured using online wizards.

ANOXTECH's Hosted IP Telephony has several advantages over traditional Telephony:

  • Savings - IP Telephony can bring savings on various areas from lower cost in traffic termination and even free calls between locations belonging to the same network to lower management costs.
  • Added Capabilities & Features - ANOXTECH solution allows feature rich and flexible functionalities as flexible call routing, support remote workers, Hunt Groups, IVRs, etc. With our solution it's easy to deploy extra sites.
  • Management Ease - ANOXTECH provides a single point of management of all its features through an advanced web interface were the network administrator or even the end user can execute all configurations.
  • Increased Productivity - because of available features and being easy to use, users by using these new features with their colleagues will improve communication and knowledge sharing between them leading unconditionally to productivity increases.
  • Scalability - provisioning new users to an existing location or deploying new locations can be done seamlessly.

Core features include:

  • Mute and call Hold
  • Call Waiting, Call Park and Call Pick-up
  • Blind and Announced Call Transfer
  • Call Forward, Blocking and Filtering
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Hunt Groups (HG)
  • Short-number and Speed dialing
  • Multiple numbers/Aliases
  • Voicemail and Voicemail 2 Email
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Flexible Call-plan
  • Outbound calls - PSTN termination
  • Inbound calls - DDIs
  • Red light VM indicator
  • Web-based User Admin