Business-2-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce is predicted to become the fastest growing business in the second decade of the 21st Century. Although, such a growth was already predicted for the first decade, the number of transactions stayed far below the expected level because of the lack of adequate online engagement and real-time assistance solutions.

Klick2Contact is a suite of products providing exactly such online engagement.

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According to Forrester Research:

"66% of consumers do not apply for services online, because they prefer to apply in person or over the phone, while 52% want human assistance to validate their decision."

They also found out that:

"Over 66% of all shopping carts are abandoned for service related issues".

A report by USA Today:

"Online Customer Service improves the chance of ecommerce by 40%-60%."


In other words, a direct contact between a sales agent and a visitor of an e-commerce site, at the moment when the visitor is considering an online purchase, would contribute to a dramatic increase in successful transactions and therefore to a substantial boost of overall online sales. The analogy with physical shops is obvious. Also in real shops, visitors expect advice from the personnel to help them choose and decide. Therefore, a good salesman can generate much more revenue for the shop than a bad one. In other words, human contact is a necessary condition for successful sales and the same principle works in online shopping.


This understanding: that human contact is necessary for e-commerce stands behind a whole new Internet-software market segment, called "Online Engagement Software" (OES), software that enables real-time expert-advice and assistance, connecting visitors of online shops to Call Centre and Service-Centre personnel by means of text, voice and video communication methods.

Klick2Contact is a UK based Company, incubated by ANOXTECH and BRUIN Communications providing all-in-one voice, chat and collaboration services based on ANOXTECH's technology.

The list of functionalities includes:

  • Real Time instant chat and Call Back
  • Media Content about the company in the invitation to call banners (as, for instance, pre-recorded video)
  • Pop-in and Pop-up screens without being blocked by pop-up blockers.
  • Direct Web-call from visitors to agents, from any Browser (based on FLASH Web-phone, implemented as a widget)
  • One way and two-way video conversations
  • Voice- and Video-recorded input in Chat
  • Fully integrated Web and Call sessions (with possibility to continually deliver status messages to visitors.)
  • Internal Agent status and cross-agent messaging platform

In addition Klick2Contact EU offers end-to-end connectivity providing 100% of the process from point of call to point of contact - unlike other solution providers. There is no requirement at all for customer to deliver network infrastructure as we have our own class 1 network used on a fully hosted basis.