About IMS

IMS means "IP Multimedia Subsystems" and it refers to an architecture in which various, traditionally disconnected network and media-services re-position as layers, subsystems of an integrated IP Service platform.

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About Web service

Web service standards and protocols enable dynamic integration of IP services, even across Web domains and service providers. They are based on a whole range of rules how to create, exchange and interpret different types of well-formed XML-files.

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This corner of the Website is reserved for developers and other people interested in our technology. Bellow, you can find links to our API, technical documents, samples and demos.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bellow is the list of lattest libraries for 3rd party implementation of flash2sip, presence & messaging and screen-sharing modules. Additionally, you can also download related API documentation.


Here you will find the appropriate demonstration of our componenents and its implementation methods for HTML wrappers ( JavaScript communication ).