WebCall is full duplex (incoming and outgoing) Web-phone, working with all Web Browsers with single requirement that FLASH client is installed on their PC. It utilizes novel ANOXTECH's FLASH2SIP technology effectively enabling any Web-page to become a Telecom client-side device.

WebCall is both available as fully designed application and as a set of widgets and API, enabling 3rd party developers to call-enable their own Portals and Web pages. In contrast to other Soft-phones, which can directly connect to Switching backend of any service provider, ANOXTECH's WebCall registers at ANOXTECH's backend (FLASH2SIP Server) which serves as a Middleware towards any Switch of a service provider.

In that sense, ANOXTECH's Middleware serves also as a Session Border Controller for Public Internet, enabling Service Providers to securely open their network for nomadic users and travelers.


WebCall features include:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Multiple registrations
  • IP CENTREX Functionalities (call forward, transfer, hold, follow me etc)
  • Access to IP CENTREX Settings (if used with ANOXTECH's IP TELEPHONY services

ANOXTECH will launch during 2011 also mobile WebCall Apps, for iPhone and Android.